The Pro Punter offers the complete and polished model for both consistency and long-term profits! What he offers is a brilliant combination of inside information and intelligent data backed picks. He knows the right people, he knows the right things.  

While The Pro Punter may be a new service, the man behind it is by no means new to this game – He is more like a decorated veteran who now has a platform to help others achieve long-term profits betting on Horse Racing.

About me..

My name is Harvey Scott and I’ve been into horse racing and various other sports since a very young age. My interest in the horses developed over the years to the point where I had my older friends placing bets for me during my school and college years. I loved it my ultimate ambition was to consistently win at the betting game.

Work and family followed, and time became scarce, so it was just a weekend visit to the bookies for quite a few years. However, over the past 10 years or so my interest in horse racing has turned from a spare time hobby into my number one and main income generator.

I’ve seen it all in that time and when it comes to tipping I’m amazed how huge the tipping world has become. The internet has opened the door to what seems like a never endless supply of so called top tipsters, consultants and race advisors.  

One thing which I am sure all punters can agree on is that there’s the good, the bad and the downright ugly in the murky world of tipping!  

Let’s face it, beating the bookie every now and again is easy but if you’re serious about your betting and the possible career it can give you then you need plenty of time on your hands, a heck load of experience and a very keen eye for what’s hot and what’s not! Finding value is finding profit and that is something you should never forget.  

That’s why if you haven’t got the time available you need the help of an expert, someone to do the leg work for you! Someone you can trust and feel confident in who has consistently beat the bookies at their own game.  

I truly believe that for you, that person can be me and you can join my long standing team of followers who never bet with anyone else as they know it only eats into the profits I make them!





Harvey Scott has shown he has the knack of winner finding down to a tee and offers you this exceptional opportunity to get involved and become a winning punter just like him! 

How would you like to put your betting on a more solid professional footing?

How about cutting out those big downswings that really test your patience and betting bank?

How would like to make long-term consistent profits betting with reasonable stakes with no large downswings?

If you answered YES to those questions then you should join this solid, dependable, reliable service with out delay TODAY! All you have to do is follow the very simple advice given, place the bets and collect your profits. No more hit ‘n’ miss betting, finally you can bet in a more professional manner for big cash profit rewards!

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